Cosplay Fashion Show

Cosplay Fashion Show!

Saturday March 17th, 2018 11-3PM & 4-7PM

Cosplay Fashion Show Rehoboth Beach!

Saturday March 17th, 2018 3pm-4pm on the Cultured Pearl Stage


Cosplay Fashion Show

Cosplay comes to Rehoboth and on The Cultured Pearl stage! Join us for a fun filled show of Cosplayers in full costum of their favorite characters.

Over the years Cosplay, "costume" and "play" combined, has grown to become a very unique part of the Japanese culture. It's influence on the younger generation's fashions has now spread all through Asia and is rapidly making it's way into North America. Though some Cosplayers purchase their costumes many choose to make their own paying very close attention to the entire concept of the anime character they portray. From their cloths, to their hair, to their voice and mannerisms the goal is to literally become your favorite comic, film or video game character. Join us Saturday, March 17th at 3pm while our local students and Japanese guests as well as many of the Pearl Group staff take the stage for our 2nd Annual Cosplay Fashion Show at The Cultured Pearl Restaurant.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Cherry Blossom Beach Fest in Cosplay attire. Anyone interested in joining the Fashion Show may contact Susan at (302) 227-8493. Please, all costumes must be family friendly and only harmless weapon props will be permitted.


Call for more information: (302) 227-8493

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